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                      2. Welcome
                        Gansu Yangtaihe Biotechnology CO,.LTD( Yangtaihe in abbreviation ) , located in Block B building No. 3 Linxia Economic Development Zone , 130 kilometers from Lanzhou city , nearby Lanlin highway , direct access to Chengdu by State Road 213. Yangtaihe is a leading high-technology company in Linxia Economic Development Zone, specialized in biological product research, production, testing ,marketing and service in bio-technology field ,which is in an emerging bio- industries of agricultural and live stock products and biological enzymes deep processing .This industry is enjoying the support from local government . Yangtaihe is the SOD R&am
                        [2018-09-03]In July 2014, our project of "extraction and modification of yak blood SOD" was approved by the ministry of sc...
                        [2018-09-03]In 2014, the company calls on all employees to pay close attention to product quality, strengthen quality awareness, act...
                        [2018-09-03]On July 11, 2018, SOD veteran, professor yuan qinsheng, President of the national SOD industry alliance, researcher of C...